Your Fundraising Dollars

Your fundraising dollars in action

As a not-for-profit centre with a sole dedication of treating those living with cancer, donations from supporters like you are integral to the patient-centred care and support we provide patients and their families every day.

Patient care

As a comprehensive cancer centre, we are dedicated to treating the whole person, not just the disease. Donations help to provide services and equipment above and beyond what operational budgets allow. Our generous donors have helped fund everything from dedicated specialist nurse positions to patient transport and a donor-funded wig library. Your fundraising will help to drastically improve the quality of life for those living with cancer, from the day of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.


Research underpins our model of care, ensuring we provide the latest approaches and treatment options to patients. Many of our clinicians are also researchers and scientists, this means the gap between the lab and the clinic is eliminated, and our patients benefit earlier from access to the most cutting-edge treatments and therapies. Research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse spans all cancer streams, with donations playing a critical role in developing new treatment options for patients.

Equity of access

For our most vulnerable patients, struggling to cover the many and varied out-of-pocket costs associated with cancer treatment can be a major hurdle in the already stressful and difficult experience that is a cancer diagnosis. The equity of access fund, funded by supporters like you, ensures treatment and care are equally available to all who walk through our doors.

Donations and research at work

Ivana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019. It was a generous philanthropic gift that funded the research of Deputy Director of Gynae-oncology, Dr Rhonda Farrell, into Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) - a form of heated chemotherapy that is delivered in a targeted way. It is thanks to this research and the generosity of our donor community that Ivana’s outcomes drastically changed, and will continue to change the lives of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the future.